Our credo

The direct relationship with the suppliers of raw materials characterizes our way of working. 
We want to create a network of connections starting with the territory, people, and the resources of nature to arrive at a product that maintains the typical characteristics of the place from which it comes, reflecting its most authentic soul. The women involved in the project get a Fair-Trade salary which is given directly to them (and not to their husbands).

Burkina Faso

We work closely with the Kolon Kandya Burkina Faso association.

The association’s women groups follow the production of the soap factory, the collection, the extraction and the conservation of butters and essential oils, in particular shea butter, date oil, moringa oil and baobab oil.

A careful training on quality standards has enabled us to achieve excellence in the extraction of vegetable oils.


We collaborate with Meru Herbs, a cooperative created by nearly more than two thousand Kenyan families who deal with a water project with the purpose of bringing water to the villages on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

Our aim is to use all parts of the hibiscus flower which has valuable properties for our skin.

Nowadays, the hibiscus leaves are used to make our solid scrub; the hibiscus oil is still being processed to implement the skincare line.


From the beautiful valleys of the Anti-Atlas in Morocco comes our precious Argan Oil.

We have discovered an excellent ingredient that we use to enrich the formulation of our Pura Cura facial range, thanks to a meeting with Alban Colon de Franciosi and his fair-trade enterprise, which involves more than 450 women from different villages.

The processing takes place on site in a laboratory built according to traditional local architecture.


Cooperativa Sociale Capovolti is our partner in the heart of the Picentini Mountains in the province of Salerno; it has 1,500 organically grown olive trees.

The harvested olives are Icea certified and produce a unique and special olive oil that we use in many of our products. Cosmetics based on olive oil have antioxidant, emollient, and moisturising properties.


Iliana cooperative is our local partner, which has set up a network of small producers and they have optimized the supply chain to reduce costs and CO2 emissions related to transportation.

Everything is made in Sardinia: from the collection of herbs such as myrtle, lentisk, helichrysum, almond, and juniper, to the packaging of natural cosmetics.

Nowadays, the entire Blue Sardinia hair and body line is characterized by myrtle essential oil.

The women involved in the project are paid Fair Trade prices
and the salary is given directly to every single woman and not to their husbands.