Solid is better

Box 3 saponi


Box of 3 soaps

A Christmas box that’s good for you and the community that produces it.

Three solid cosmetics , sustainable and 100% natural that will transform your cleansing into a pampering for your skin! The scrub will eliminate dead cells making the skin more luminous and smooth , the two solid soaps < / strong> specific for the face and for the body they will nourish your skin making it super soft .

With your box, support the soap factory in Burkina Faso at Christmas.



Thanks to the Dinderessò soap factory in Burkina Faso we present a line of solid face and body cleansers of the highest quality that enrich our offer of zero waste products .

Active ingredients:
Shea butter, baobab leaves and oil, date oil, coconut oil, cotton oil, sweet orange