Water for your skin

Anti-aging serum, moisturizing face cream


Anti-aging serum, moisturizing face cream

Moisturizing the skin is the first and fundamental action to counteract skin aging. Restoring the right balance between all the components of the skin is essential to keep it healthy. The second action is blocking oxidative stress caused by free radicals considered responsible for aging. Eywa serum and cream perfectly satisfy these two primary needs.

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Anti-aging serum
Active ingredients
Rose hydrolat, helichrysum hydrosol, Florentine iris extract, aloe vera gel, menyanthes trifoliata, chlorella vulgaris, prickly pear hydropuntil.

Moisturizing face cream
Active ingredients
Desert date oil, baobab oil, olive oil, shea butter, rose distillate, helichrysum distillate, Florentine iris extract, aloe vera, gel, vitamin E, vegetable glycerol.