Kit Pura Cura



We have enhanced the anti-age properties of date oil, which ensures hydration, nourishment, and protection for even the most sensitive and irritable skin.Called the gold of the Pharaohs, it is extracted by our women in Burkina Faso.The result is an essential line of excellence with a light texture that gives the face all the resources needed to regenerate itself and keep healthy and bright.


Sardinia has introduced us to its precious herbs for skincare, sharing ancient knowledge.

Through a skillful balance of formulations, we give the skin all the natural resources it needs for gentle and effective cleansing, innovative and with low environmental impact.

quattro tipi di saponi


Thanks to the soap factory of Dinderessò in Burkina Faso, we have created a line of solid face and body cleansers of the highest quality that enriches our range of zero waste products.
A line that is good for your skin and the community that produces it.

The association Kolon Kandya Burkina Faso (KKBF) will receive 2 € for each soap sold to support social inclusion projects, such as school support for the children of the women of the soap factory (every year you will receive a report of the results obtained).